Recordset.isnull — determine if a field contains SQL NULL


boolean Recordset.isnull ( index);  
mixed   index;


Returns true if the field named by index contains the SQL NULL value. index can be either an int value, in which case it is taken to be a zero based column index, or a string type in which case it is taken to be a column name. Some data sources are case sensitive when specifying column names.

Example 70. Recordset.isnull Example

// Get some data from a fictional recordset
Recordset rs = conn.openrs("SELECT CName, CEmail FROM TPeople WHERE CPersonID="
  + personid);
if(rs != null)
    string name = rs.getstring("CName");
    string email;
        email = "<no email address>";
        email = rs.getstring("CEmail");

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