The Recordset Object

The recordset object represents the results of a database query. Each recordset has a cursor which points to the current record. A recordset's cursor may either be on a record, or beyond the last record (in which case Recordset.eof() would return true.

Table of Contents

Recordset.close - close an open recordset
Recordset.eof - determine if the cursor is after the last record
Recordset.fieldname - get the name of a particular field
Recordset.getstring - get the value of a particular field as a string
Recordset.goto - jump to a particular row in a recordset
Recordset.isnull - determine if a field contains SQL NULL - move the recordset cursor on to the next row of the recordset
Recordset.numfields - get the number of fields in a recordset
Recordset.row - get the current row index
Recordset.rows - get the number of rows in the recordset