Chapter 1. Installation

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Java 1.4

You must have Java 1.4 (or a later version) correctly installed on your system. If you just want to use the RSP Compiler then you only need the Java 1.4 Runtime.

You can obtain Java from Sun's official Java website at

ANTLR 2.7.2

You must have ANTLR 2.7.2 or a later version correctly installed in order to use the RSP Compiler. When you run the RSP Compiler you must also have the ANTLR jar file in your CLASSPATH environment variable. Consult the Java documentation for more information about the CLASSPATH.

You can obtain the latest release of ANTLR from its website at

Apache Ant

Although not necessary to run the RSP Compiler, Apache Ant is highly recommended for project management and is the prefered mechanism through which to invoke the compiler. It is required for compiling the RSP Compiler.

The latest version of Apache Ant is available from its website at

JUnit 3.8.1

If you wish to compiler the RSP Compiler from its sources then you need to have JUnit 3.8.1 or a higher version installed. It should be available to Ant when you compile your project. The simplest way to achieve this is to reference junit.jar in the CLASSPATH environment variable.

The latest version of JUnit is available from its website at