Retargetable Server Pages

Project Roadmap

This is a provisional roadmap only. Project goals will be ratified closer to the time.

Release Date Release Focus Comments
0.1 June 2004 Initial prototype This release will be a prototype showing the potential of the idea.
0.2 TBA Compiler rewrite. Of particular importance will be a new, more consistent representation of the standard libraries within the compiler which will aid future development. New language features will probably include the ability to define classes and the ability for several functions to share the same name but different parameters.
0.3 TBA Optimisations. This release will focus on optimising the generated code. In particular function inlining will be introduced to improve the efficiency of calls to library functions.
0.4 TBA More code generators. This release will focus on adding more code generators. Possible additions include CGI-Perl, CGI-C, ASP.NET, Zope, Java Servlets (as opposed to JSP), Python, etc...
0.5 TBA Stable language definition. After this release the language definition should not change. This would be a good point to declare an alpha release, as projects can be started to produce web applications using RSP. Note that the standard library can still be altered in response to feed back after this point.
0.7 TBA Stable standard library. After this stage the standard library cannot be changed, although functions and methods can still be added provided they do not create a backwards compatibility problem.
0.8 TBA Compiler feature complete.
0.9 TBA Beta release.
1.0 TBA Production quality release. This release will be ready for use in the development of all manner of web applications. Hopefully several projects will have already sprung up by this time to use RSP for the development of applications such as bulletin boards and database admin tools.