Connection.execute — execute an SQL update query


int Connection.execute ( sql);  
string   sql;


Use this method to execute an SQL update query, or any other type of query that does not return a result set. If you execute a query type that does return a result set then the outcome is undefined, but probably not a run time error.

This method returns the number of rows affected by the query. For some data sources it is not possible to get this information, in which case -2 is returned. If there is an error with the query then -1 is returned; use the error() function to get the error message.

The SQL query should be on a single line without comments or leading or trailing whitespace.

Example 60. Connection.execute Example

int rows = conn.execute("UPDATE mytable SET column=3 WHERE column=4");
if(rows == -1)
    %><p>Error: <%=htmlencode(error())%></p><%
else if(rows == -2)
    %><p>Success: <%=rows%> row(s) affected.</p><%

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