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HTTP Functions

header(), htmlencode(), print(), request(), urlencode()

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Session Handling Functions

clearsession(), session(), sessionkeys(), setsession()

String Functions

asc(), chr(), hex(), htmlencode(), lower(), ltrim(), oct(), pad(), padleft(), repeat(), rtrim(), strlen(), substr(), translate(), trim(), upper(), urlencode()

Table of Contents

asc - finds the ASCII value of a string character
chr - return a character with a given ASCII value
clearsession - clears a single session variable, or all session variables
error - get/set the RSP error message
getdatasources - enumerate available data sources
header - send raw HTTP headers
hex - convert an integer to an hexadecimal string
htmlencode - convert special characters to HTML entities
lower - convert a string to lower case
ltrim - remove leading whitespace
oct - convert an integer to an octal string
pad - pad a string up to a specified length
padleft - prefix a string up to a specified length
print - send text to the response
random - generates a random number
repeat - repeat a string
request - retrieve form data
rtrim - remove trailing whitespace
session - read a session variable
sessionkeys - returns an array of all the session variable names
setsession - set a session variable
strlen - finds the length of a string
substr - extract a portion of a string
translate - convert an RSP page name into a page name in the target language
trim - remove leading and trailing whitespace
upper - convert a string to upper case
urlencode - convert non-alphanumerics to URL encoded escape sequences