Code Generation Targets

The compiler currently supports three main code generation targets. A fourth, the HTML target, should be considered experimental. If a target is not specified then the compiler will validate the correctness of the source files and the exit.

Code Generation Target Names


Generates pure HTML code. Note that this will fail unless the optimizer can reduce each source file to a list of print() calls. The optimizer is currently rather limited, and so use of this target is experimental at best.


Generates ASP (Active Server Pages) code. The code produced uses the JScript version 3.0 scripting language and is compatible with Microsoft IIS 4.0 and later versions.


Generates JSP (Java Server Pages) code compatible with the JSP 1.2 specification.


Generates PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) code. Currently the PHP code generated is compatible with PHP version 4.2 and later versions.

The way in which you specify the code generation target depends upon the way in which you invoke the compiler; see the section called “Specifying Compiler Options”.

You can also specify a number of flags that affect code generation and the compiler's operation in general. Valid flags are:

Compiler Flags


Each statement of the generated code is preceded with a comment showing the source file and line number that the statement was generated from. This is a debugging aid.


Display a list of lexical tokens from each source file parsed.


Display the parse tree for each source file.


Display the parse tree with type information for each source file.


Display the parse tree after the transformation stage for each source file.


Display the parse tree after optimization for each source file.


Display extra miscellaneous messages describing the passes performed by the compiler.