Retargetable Server Pages


RSP is a retargetable language for writing web applications. A web application written in RSP can be compiled into either ASP, JSP or PHP code and then deployed to a web server. The RSP language is syntactically similar to Java/JSP. It is strongly typed and uses pseudo object orientated features to present database abstraction mechanisms.

The latest release of the RSP Compiler and language documentation is 0.1.0, available for download from the download page.

Latest News

8 Jul 2004: Problem with File Release System Resolved

Thanks to the efforts of the SourceForge team the recent problem with the file release system appears to have been resolved. The latest release of RSP is now available on some, but as yet not all, of the SourceForge mirrors. For more information about downloading RSP please see the downloads page at

6 Jul 2004: Problem with File Release System

It has come to our attention that users have been unable to download RSP from SourceForge's file release system. For some reason the released files have not propogated to any of the mirrors. As a temporary solution you can download the 0.1.0 release directly from the downloads page at

3 Jul 2004: RSP Compiler version 0.1.0 released

RSP (Retargetable Server Pages) is a retargetable language for writing portable web applications. Web applications can be written once in RSP and then compiled, using the RSP Compiler, to either ASP, JSP or PHP. This is the first release of the RSP Compiler.

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